Past Simple Exercises

Buenos días chic@s!!!! Recordad que antes de hacer los ejercicios debéis repasar toda la teoría que ayer vimos. Los ejercicios se copian en el cuaderno.

  1. Put the verbs into the correct form (simple past).

Last year I _________________(spend) my holiday in Ireland.
It ______________(be) great.
I ______________(travel) around by car with two friends and we _____________(visit) lots of interesting places.
In the evenings we usually ______________(go) to a pub.
One night we even ______________(learn) some Irish dances.
We _______________(be) very lucky with the weather.
It _______________(not / rain) a lot.
But we ______________(see) some beautiful rainbows.
Where ___________________(spend / you) your last holiday?

 2. Write questions in simple past.

Anna / the window / open: Did Anna open the window? (EXAMPLE)
she / home / walk ______________________________
you / in the garden / work ________________________
you / a song / sing ______________________________
she / on a chair / sit _____________________________
you / the castle / visit ____________________________
Jenny / the door / lock ____________________________
she / happy / be ________________________________
Greg / the ball / kick _____________________________
the car / at the corner / stop _______________________

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