Review Unit 2

Zero Conditional

If + Present Simple, Present Simple

Exercise 1. Complete the sentences. Using Zero Conditional.

  • If you _____________ (press) this button the machine ___________ (start).
  • If you _____________ (press) this button the machine ___________ (stop).
  • If I _____________ (not practise) the piano every evening I ___________ (forget) how to play it.
  • If we _____________ (take) our dog to the park she ___________ (run)
  • If you _____________ (heat) ice it ___________ (melt).
  • If I ___________(miss) the 8 o’clock train I ________ (be) late for work.
  • If I ___________(be) late for work my boss ________ (get) angry.
  • If people ___________(not eat) they ________ (get) hungry.

Exercise 2 Rewrite each pair of sentences to make one sentence with the zero conditional.

EXAMPLE: I sleep well. I be tired in the morning.

If I don’t sleep well, I am really tired in the morning.

1) You heat water to 100 degrees. It boils.

2) You cross an international date line. The time changes.

3) It rains. The grass gets wet.

4) Ice floats. You drop it in water.

5) People eat too much. They get fat.

6) Babies are hungry. They cry.


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